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CBD can help reduce drug-motivated behavior, reduce withdrawal effects, and limit cravings

CBD Can Enhance Substance Abuse Treatment

Studies have shown CBD to be effective in fighting opioid addiction as well as nicotine addiction. CBD can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms, can help to reduce cravings and anxiety, and can reduce drug-motivated behavior - making it a powerful weapon in the fight against substance abuse.

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Wai Natural's products are produced in a facility that follows the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices

Ours Products Are Manufactured In A Facility That Follows Good Manufacturing Practices

The products sold by Wai Natural are produced in a facility that follows Good Manufacturing Practices as outlined by the FDA. These practices ensure the quality of the final product and the safety of the consumer. There are eight categories of GMPs which ensure the proper design, monitoring, and control of the manufacturing process and facility.

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CBD is the second major cannabinoid found in the <em>Cannabis</em> genus of plants, including the plant known as hemp

What Is CBD?

CBD is a phytochemical known as a cannabinoid which is produced by the Cannabis genus of plants, including the plant known as hemp. Of all of the cannabinoids, CBD shows the most promise as a therapeutic compound and has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of diseases and disorders.

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Learn How CBD Can Help With

Relieving Pain and Inflammation

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