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CBD can help to prevent diabetes through its powerful anti-inflammatory properties

CBD Can Help Prevent Diabetes

There is evidence that CBD can prevent Type 1 diabetes as well as help to prevent metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance that lead to Type 2 diabetes. There is further evidence that CBD can help to reduce the complications associated with diabetes.

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Wai Natural's products are tested by an unbiased, independent third-party laboratory to ensure purity and quality

Our Products Are Tested And Verified By A Third-Party Laboratory

Wai Natural uses third-party laboratory testing by an independent, unbiased laboratory to ensure the highest quality and purity of all of our products. The testing not only verifies that our products contain what is on the label, but also that they are free of any harmful contaminants.

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CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory molecule working through multiple pathways to reduce inflammation

How CBD Works As An Anti-Inflammatory Compound

CBD can decrease inflammation by blocking key enzymes in the inflammatory process, by reducing levels of inflammatory molecules, and by reducing the activity of some immune cells. CBD's powerful anti-inflammatory properties gives it the ability to help treat many disorders where chronic inflammation plays an underlying role.

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