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CBD can help reduce behavioral abnormalities like social withdrawal as well as deficits in sensorimotor gating

CBD Can Help Reduce Psychotic Symptoms In Some Mental Disorders

CBD has been shown to affect many brain areas involved in several psychiatric disorders and it acts as an anti-psychotic compound in several different ways. There is evidence that CBD can reduce sensorimotor gating, behavioral abnormalities, and neural changes associated with certain mental disorders - and schizophrenia in particular.

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Wai Natural's products are tested by an unbiased, independent third-party laboratory to ensure purity and quality

Our Products Are Tested And Verified By A Third-Party Laboratory

Wai Natural uses third-party laboratory testing by an independent, unbiased laboratory to ensure the highest quality and purity of all of our products. The testing not only verifies that our products contain what is on the label, but also that they are free of any harmful contaminants.

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There are three primary species of the plant genus <em>Cannabis</em>

The Different Strains of Cannabis

While there are three primary species of Cannabis (C. sativa, C. indica, and C. ruderalis), there are many hundreds of specially bred Cannabis cultivars which differ widely in their THC, CBD, and terpene content. If you've ever wondered what the difference was between marijuana, cannabis, and hemp... wonder no more! This is the article for you!

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