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How Long Will It Take To Get My Plants?

Our Goal:

Here at, we strive to provide the most effecient system possible in ensuring that you receive only the highest quality plants. In order for you to receive the BEST plants, some time and care is taken in the processing, packaging and shipping.

When Do We Ship:

What days we ship is determined, largely by the time of year.

In early spring and late fall we will ship plants out almost daily as the temperatures are mild enough that damage due to heat or cold are at a minimal.

In late spring, throughout the summer, and in the winter, shipping is restricted to early in the week so that your plants are not sitting in a freight truck in extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.

What To Expect:

The care taken in the packaging process can take up to three days. Extra care is given to the plants you order to ensure that during their trip to you, they are well watered, and well packed to prevent damage. This process helps to get the best quality plants delivered from the grower to your garden.

The respective shipping company is called and a pickup is scheduled. Once the plant is picked up, you can expect a transit time of up to 5 days depending on your delivery location. 

The average order takes 7 - 14 days from ordering to delivery.  This is just a quide to give you an idea on when to expect to see your plants. Sometimes it is faster and arrives in 3 days and sometimes it is longer due to availability.