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No THC In Our Products

Our Products Are 100% Guaranteed THC-Free

Wai Natural’s products have been third-party tested by EVIO Labs and our products are guaranteed to be 100% THC-Free!

Why is THC-Free Important?

THC is the mind-altering compound in marijuana. In addition to giving the “high” associated with smoking marijuana, THC has been linked to the following negative side effects: Impaired memory, Addictive, Could promote tumor growth, Could cause psychosis with chronic use.

Furthermore, THC is a Schedule 1 Drug (Controlled Substances Act), making it illegal. Using a product that contains THC could put you at risk for failing a drug test.

One of the questions you should ask before buying CBD is whether or not the product is THC-free. Wai Natural’s CBD Oil and Hemp Oil are certified to be 100% THC-free! You can find the latest lab report here and you can buy some THC-Free CBD oil here.

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