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Fulfillment Process

Wonder what happens once you place your order?

Here is a little information on prepping and shipping your order(s) and what happens on our end.

  • Your order is received via electronic notification. 

  • If your order contained a plant we then select the best quality plant for you from in our inventory.

  • We pack your plant(s) using the highest level of care to guarantee your plants arrive to you healthy.

  • We confirm the correct shipping and billing details.

  • Your plants are shipped to your door.

  • You receive your wonderful plants and plant them in your garden, watching them 


Prepping For Your Plants 

When you order your plant(s) it is a good idea to do some prep work before they arrive –Having soil, a pot and a spot picked out where you want to plant your plants and where it can receive the required amount of sunlight or shade can help you get your plants in the ground as soon as you receive them.  However, we understand that you may not be able to plant right away, that is why we ship our plants in containers that they can grow in for weeks if given the right amount of water and are kept in a space where they can receive the light/shade they need – just make sure to give them some TLC if you cannot plant right away. 

It is also good to keep in mind that some pets may like your plant as much as you do, so keep an eye out for Rover and try to pick a spot for your plant that is out of the way of prying paws.


What to do when your order arrives

The day your plants arrive is very exciting.  We've created this section to help make sure you are ready when they arrive.


Receiving your order

Everybody loves receiving packages– especially when it is a beautiful plant! We don’t want your plants to get damaged in the excitement of opening the box so here are a few tips

Be gentle when opening the plant box

Use a knife to cut the tape around the box edges but don’t let the knife enter too deep in the box which can damage your new beautiful plant. We recommend using a knife to cut the tape off at the sides first and then use the knife in an upward position to cut tape from the top of the box, that way the knife doesn’t enter the box and damage your plant.


Carefully remove plants from box

When the box has been opened, carefully take contents from the box by first removing all packing materials and then gently proceed to remove your plant(s) from the box. Once plant is out of box check over your invoice to make sure all is correct with your order and product. If we have left anything out or something is wrong with your order please contact us right away!!


Remove plant from container

Now that your plant is out of its box you can proceed to remove the plant from its container in one of two ways

  • Gently squeeze the container at its sides to loosen the root ball – it should slide out with ease.

  • Use a knife or scissors to (carefully) cut the container away from the root ball.

Planting and Care

Planting methods will vary based on type of plant, soil, moisture requirements and of course the way the planting site is laid out. With that being said, here are some general planting tips to help you on your way to growing your new plants.

  • Once you have the planting hole dug and ready, make sure to not plant your plant too deep or it may die from suffocation. To avoid this make sure the root ball is either at or slightly above ground level.

  • Another thing to avoid is putting backfill soil on top of the root ball – it may also suffocate it. Instead, use shredded wood mulch, pine straw or other organic mulch atop of the root ball.

  • Once you have taken your plant from its original container you will want to gently scratch the surface of the root ball to loosen the feeder roots – this will help it to better root once it has been planted.

  • If you are planting in dense soil, such as clay, it is helpful to till the planting area beforehand OR you can dig a planting hole that is three times wider than the root ball of the plant. Remove the soil from the planting hole and replace with soil conditioner such as composted organic matter.

  • Now that your plant(s) are in the ground you will want to water them with a Root Stimulator solution – this will help the plant root in better.


Caring for your plants 

The type of care you will need to provide varies plant by plant – However, here are some general care tips you can follow to have a healthy, thriving plant.

To thrive your plants will need the right food – We recommend using natural/organic plant foods that are non-burning.  That being said, we often fertilize the plants we sell so there is little need to fertilize right away.

Water/Soil Moisture

Plants are like humans in that they need water to survive. Know the water preferences for your plants and provide accordingly. Well drained moist to well-drained damp or dry soils are what most plants need – you wouldn’t like to be soggy or damp all of the time and neither will your plants. Too much water can cause diseases such as root rot or even death for many plant types, so give your plant only the water that it needs when it needs it.

Now get out there and grow something beautiful!